Mindsets, Skillsets, Toolsets: Levers for Organizational Culture Change and Sense-making


At the request of the presenters, this session was not recorded. - UCTech 2019 Planning Committee

IT professionals face unbounded demand, constantly shifting technologies, and limited resources. As a result, our approaches to problem-solving require grit and perseverance and can too quickly exhaust us if we lack a framework and shared mindtools to manage our own and our teams’ expectations, not to mention those of our campus stakeholders.  In this session, two CIOs describe their theory and practice to leadership used to build resilient teams that in turn seek to revitalize organizational culture from the inside out.  Using a case study approach, they will discuss transformational leadership as a personal, professional and institutional journey – seemingly never-ending but always rewarding

Previous Knowledge

Broad knowledge of IT organizational functions, professional skills. and rapid change drivers is needed. 

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no specific software is needed

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Diversifying IT Culture