Finishing faster and happier: individualized physician training to improve efficiency with the electronic health record


At the request of the presenter, the session recording will not be posted. Please reach out to the presenter with any questions. - UCTech 2019 Planning Committee

We'll share how we have implemented a program to improve the efficiency of our ambulatory physicians so they can finish faster so there is more time for the things that matter. We've shown significant changes in satisfaction withe the EHR and time spend in the system after clinic hours. 

We use a unique combination of data-driven individualized curriculum, group learning sessions, and department-based EMR changes done in a Agile-inspired method. The team consists of a manager, 4 trainers, and 2 builders. 

Our success has justified a team expansion to start working with inpatient providers and reinforcement sessions with physicians who have previously been through one of our engagements. 

Previous Knowledge

Awareness of the problem of physician burnout and the contribution of EHRs to that problem. 

Software Installation Expectation

Small to moderate changes to existing Epic configuration. No new software. 

Session skill level
Session Track
Developing and Sustaining Health Technology