Drupal 8, Amazon Rekognition, Data consuming clients



  • Drupal is one of the most popular open source CMS platforms out there. Many colleges and universities use Drupal as their CMS of choice.
  • Amazon Rekognition is a tool that provides image and video analysis to your applications

This session will show you how to integrate Drupal 8 with Amazon Rekognition and see real time image analysis on consuming apps.

We will use React framework for our data consuming app.


Learn basics of Drupal 8 and how it can be integrated with Amazon Rekognition.

Consume image analysis data using a React client

Learn how Amazon Recognition API works.



Previous Knowledge

This is a beginner session. Some programming experience is desired.

Software Installation Expectation

No need to install any software on the session room computer(s)

We will present off of our laptop, which will have all the needed tools installed and configured.

Session skill level
Session Track
Innovating IT Solutions