Dockerized Shibboleth, the Holy Grail?


There is only audio for this recording so, with permission from the presenter, we have provided the slide deck and any supplemental materials in the Session Files section below. - UCTech 2019 Planning Committee

What if you could implement Shibboleth for your application as a plug-and-play, reducing the time and effort from months to days?

The AJS DevOps team at UCOP created a Docker container for Shibboleth that is deployed on AWS as a front-end to our web application. This simplified framework can be used as a prototype for any web application that needs to use Shibboleth for Single Sign On. 

Discover how this can be realized in as little as 4 steps.

Previous Knowledge

This session is intended for people who have some programming knowledge.

Software Installation Expectation

A Chrome browser with internet access would be helpful.

Session skill level
Session Track
Innovating IT Solutions