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UC Santa Barbara
Sam Horowitz is University of California Santa Barbara’s (UCSB) Chief Information Security Officer. In his role, Sam is responsible for the development and administration of a campus-wide information security program. Information technology at UCSB is widely distributed. The information security program consolidates infrastructure, line-of-business applications, and distributed departmental computing into a single risk-management view.

From a central perspective, Sam directs Security Operations Center activities in conjunction with the Director of Networks and Telecommunications. Sam is a member of the campus Information Technology Committee as well as multiple IT focused workgroups. Sam chairs the Security Operations Workgroup and sits as a consultant to the Cyber Security Work Group of the Faculty Senate.

Prior to joining UCSB, Sam held several information security positions at Hewlett-Packard. His final position at HP was the Worldwide Director of Threat, Vulnerability, and Incident Management.

Sam holds Certified Information Security System Profesional (CISSP) and Certified Information Security (CISM) certifications.