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I am a Data Scientist & Systems Architect for the UC Davis Department of Environmental Science & Policy and the Center for Environmental Policy & Behavior. My research work is primarily in social network analysis , data mining, but I also have strong interest in webappsec. I've recently been appointed as the Co-Chair for the UC Davis IT Security Committee.

Working with the Center for Environmental Policy and Behavior, I've been involved with the research the Knowledge Networks for Sustainable Agriculture (Extension 3.0) project in which we try to understand the structure and dynamics of sustainable agriculture knowledge network in California by collecting data and analyzing cognitive maps, self-reported beliefs through traditional online surveys, and mining knowledge distribution networks using Twitter. Other projects include the Invasive Spartina Project, and data collection for the CARB Offload Recreational Vehicle Survey, and the experimental game platform Gameweb. My primary contribution to the above projects were custom web programming for data collection extensively using Qualtrics, Limesurvey, and Survey Gizmo. If you need functionality not natively offered in your survey platform, I'm your resource. For data analysis, my toolkit usually include R (and the Tidyverse), Spark, Python, Elastic, and Hadoop. My short term goal to grow in this field is to my use of AI tools, and neural networks for NLP.

On the Systems Architect side, I've largely been tasked with implementing business ArcGIS service management. I manage the UC Davis ArcGIS Site License, as well as act as the primary technical contact for all ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online services at UC Davis. I'm a strong supporter of open-source utilities when practical. Some of my most commonly software tools include: ElasticStack (ELK), Hadoop, Nagios, OpenAudit, Docker, Nginx. To that end, open-source is not always the best solution, so Saas offerings have become a huge benefit for my work. My typical day involves ServiceNow, Zendesk, Asana, Slack, and Box.

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