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UC, San Francisco
Instructional Designer; Office of Education and Instructional Services, UCSF School of Pharmacy

As a member of the Office of Education and Instructional Services (OEIS), I work in partnership with faculty, students, and staff to identify, design, and implement education technology and multimedia services for courses in the current PharmD curriculum and the new curriculum for 2018 and beyond.

Below is a list of technology services I assist with:
- Develop graphics, videos, websites, user-friendly technical guides, and trainings/workshops to promote innovative uses of technology to facilitate faculty and student learning, and course delivery.
- Identify and integrate innovative and creative technological solutions (i.e. VR/AR, adaptive learning simulations, mobile apps, etc.) to best meet the pedagogical needs of an academic audience and develop resources for use in teaching and course development in both the current and new curricula.
- Determine and evaluate multimedia, online, and educational technology needs for instructors and students, and supported appropriate solutions. Provided assistance in the direct integration of technology throughout the duration of a course/theme.
- Consult, recommend, and train instructors on how to use a variety of A/V tools, software, hardware, and multimedia equipment for loan.

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