UCTech 2019 Photography Contest

UC Santa Barbara's beautiful ocean backdrop and the largest gathering of IT professionals across the UC are too good to pass up! For the amateur (or professional) photographers among us, UCTech 2019 will feature a photography contest. The theme is to "unleash our ingenuity," after all! 

A panel of judges from the UCTech 2019 Planning Committee will select two winning photographs. The best photos will feature the UCSB campus as well as encompass the spirit of UCTech 2019: "IT Uncorked - Unleashing the Potential of Our Ingenuity." 

The winning photographers will receive a prize, a featured post on the UC IT social media pages, and bragging rights! 

The contest ends at midnight on Tuesday, July 16. We will announce the winners at the final conference luncheon on Wednesday, July 17. 

To enter:

  1. Post your photo(s) to your personal Instagram account (ensure that your Instagram is public so you can share your photos on #UCTech2019photo)
  2. Under Write a caption... Use the hashtag #UCTech2019photo
  3. Once you post your photo, it should appear on https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/uctech2019photo/
  4. Cross your fingers!