Unlock the super cool features in IS-3 to reduce cyber risk


Do you or your team members feel like IS-3 is too complex? Don’t know where to start? Does it seem hard to figure out the first step? Do you hesitate to develop a plan? Do you wish other options were allowed? These questions can limit compliance and hinder implementation – ultimately leading to increased cyber risk.

In this session, we will discuss these questions and pain points in the implementation process and help learn how to overcome them by unlocking powerful features in IS-3.  We’ll talk through ways to develop strategies for successful cyber risk management using policy features.

Security leads, Unit Information Security Leads, architects, developers, project managers, business analysts, compliance officials, and policy ambassadors will all benefit from this presentation.

Previous Knowledge

Attendees will get the most out of this session if they have scanned the latest version of IS-3.  Scanning the standards will also be useful.

Software Installation Expectation


Session skill level
Session Track
Securing Information, Assets and Systems