Open edX's Strategic role in a Academic Landscape


At the request of the presenter, this session was not recorded. - UCTech 2019 Planning Committee

We are undergoing a campus-wide initiative to develop new digital learning experience delivery modes and business model. We seek to deploy offerings across multiple platforms to allow for a portfolio of online offerings, from Free to Freemium to Paid. This ecosystem approach is desirable in order to facilitate multiple architectures best suited for particular programs and offerings.

To achieve this goal, we have self-hosted and enhanced an instance of Open edX, which will work alongside our existing LMS and MOOC platforms. This talk will provide an overview of the strategic and tactical approaches to implementing, enhancing, and using Open edX in a multi-faceted teaching and learning ecosystem. 

Previous Knowledge

Participants should have an understanding of MOOCs and the MOOC economy.

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Enabling Teaching and Learning