Engaging our High Profile Patients


This session will review how our health organization helps to engage our high profile patients by providing a mobile application to give these members a quick way to communicate with our Care Connect team.  This application allows these patients to:

+ Activate a call to a dedicated line

+ Mobile chat a team member during a specified time window

+ Request an appointment

+ Connect to the MyChart patient portal

+ Receive exclusive insights, announcements, and private briefings from leadership

In addition, we will review the underlying technology and design for this application.  Time permitting, we could review both Xcode and Java source code.

Previous Knowledge

This session is intended for IT professionals who would like to provide customer facing solutions, especially for high profile patients.

Software Installation Expectation

I would need the ability to display a presentation (PowerPoint and/or PDF) as well as the ability to display an iPhone to screen.

Session skill level
Session Track
Developing and Sustaining Health Technology