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UCLA Library IT
Project Manager
BAEd (Stony Brook University), MBA (Pepperdine), Prosci Change Management Certified, PMP, CSM (Certified Scrum Master), CSQA (Certified Software Quality Analyst), 310-245-3060, grew up in New York. Been in LA 40 years.
Started as a programmer. Later moved into project mgmt and management. For the past fifteen years, been doing Organization Change Management (OCM).
My approach to OCM is very participatory with respect for organizational dynamics. Resistance is expected, and is addressed with joint process design, training and coaching, readiness and adoption metrics, acceleration techniques and reward systems.
Each individual moves through a change at their own pace. I am a proponent of the ADKAR model. It begins with Awareness for the change that leads to Desire if the change consultant approaches it respectfully always seeking involvement. I must demonstrate what's in it for them. Then, Knowledge is imparted that leads to Ability to adopt the change. Knowledge and Ability for individuals are much easier once they Desire the change. This point can not be overstated. Lastly, Reinforcement is necessary to sustain the change.