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Fel has over 20 years of healthcare experience ranging from providers to payers to consumers. His seminal work at Kaiser Permanente’s Caregiver Workstation Group provided the career path in healthcare. Upon leaving Kaiser, he cofounded a startup that was subsequently acquired by Healtheon which in turn, merged with WebMD. At Healtheon, he was one of 5 Principal Engineers that designed/implemented the healthcare platform. 2 US patents resulted in this work. He went on to join other startups with varying roles: Principal Engineer, VP of Engineering, and COO. As the Integration Architect at RelayHealth/McKesson, he led the design and implementation to tightly integrate patient application data to backend health systems. He took a sabbatical to live in Paris for one year before joining MuleSoft as the Healthcare lead. After MuleSoft, he joined John Muir Hospital as the Lead Product Developer and finally UCSF as a Principal Engineer. With his years of experience in the healthcare space, Fel is well-versed in a wide range of product development frameworks, methodologies, programming languages and HL7 (v2.x and FHIR) standards.