Yes, We Kanban!


Studies show that multitasking at work reduces productivity by as much as 40 percent. The only proven way to get more done is to do one thing at a time, from start to finish. A year ago, our team recognized the need to stop starting and start finishing.

 Kanban was embraced as a visual system for managing work and a framework to make work visible. It limits work in progress so that team members concentrate on one thing at a time.

Teams post their backlog, to do items, work in progress, work in validation, and completed items on Kanban boards. Once a week, we have a “Gemba walk” where teams and managers go to the various Kanban boards and see the accomplishments and pain points of other teams. This roadmap is used to continually improve the value we provide to our customers.

This session introduces the concepts of Kanban and talks about specific examples of how we’ve greatly improved our throughput by using it. Attendees will create basic Kanban boards, and will learn how to “work the board.” Attendees will leave with concrete knowledge of basic Kanban and how to make their work visible.


Previous Knowledge

No previous knowledge required. Anyone wanting to get more done should attend!

Software Installation Expectation

An HDMI connection to a monitor or projector and Wi-Fi

Session skill level
Session Track
Innovating IT Solutions