A Woman's Story in IT: One Year Later


It has been a full year since this speaker presented on her documented harassment and retaliation experiences in IT and across multiple investigative entities at UC. This presentation focuses on addressing these questions: 

  1. How have IT and the University responded to date and are these responses meaningful?
  2. Is IT a measurably safer and more inclusive place for women now than before the articles (see below)?
  3. Have campus investigative offices modified their policies and processes?   
  4. Is zero tolerance reasonable to expect and deliver? 
  5. What would genuine accountability look like?  
  6. Does the University inherently discourage or prevent inclusivity? 
  7. What components of the law are considered in University decisions? 
  8. Do successful anti-harassment models exist that IT and the University could adopt?   

Format for this session is 50% time allocation to presentation followed by remaining 50% time allocation to Q&A and discussion. 

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Diversifying IT Culture