Transforming Tech: Radical Welcoming of the “T” Toward Meaningful Diversity and Inclusion


There is currently an effort to increase the ranks of trans and gender-nonconforming workers in the technology industry nationwide. In the UC we are expanding and diversifying our culture through Transgender Health Benefits, Nondiscrimination Policies, and the inclusion of all-gender restrooms. The UC also acknowledges that we have much to do to create a safer and inclusive campus climate for trans and gender-nonconforming people. In this talk we will learn about the history of trans people in the beginnings of tech, where we are now, explore the future of best practices, and will feature a Q&A session where the audience may ask the lingering questions about trans identity, tech, and explore how small changes in their current cultures will help improve their campuses. 

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This session is intended for anyone who is interested in increasing the ranks of trans and gender-nonconforming workers within the UC. 

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Diversifying IT Culture