Practicalities of Remote Work and Collaboration


Whether you have team members who are off-site employees or you’re working on a project that involves cross-campus collaboration, remote work comes with its fair share of challenges and considerations. If remote work isn’t ingrained into your department’s culture, problems won’t be far behind. Projects can be delayed because dispersed teams aren’t used to communicating with out-of-office colleagues. Discontent may simmer if in-office workers don’t feel comfortable contacting off-site ones. Your stakeholders might feel that your team is “never around.”

From the perspective of two agile development teams working on two different campuses, we’ll go through the pitfalls and successes of working remotely and the tools, processes and culture to make it a reality. If you’re interested in hiring remotely or starting a cross-campus project, come learn what it takes to make it a successful and repeatable venture.

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