Learn to Use the Siteimprove Web Accessibility Review Tools


UC has a systemwide contract for the Siteimprove web accessibility review tools, which are available to everyone at UC. Learn how you can use them to make sure your websites are accessible to people with disabilities. The tools regularly scan your public websites to check for and show you how to fix any accessibility issues with the web pages and PDF documents. The Siteimprove tools also support standards for quality assurance (spelling, broken links), SEO, and policy (including customized style guides). In this session, you will get a good introduction to accessing the Siteimprove services, including an extensive library of online accessibility training courses available to you and your team.

Previous Knowledge

Attendees do not need any prior knowledge of the tool. This is an introductory training session.

Software Installation Expectation

Internet / web browser access

Session skill level
Session Track
Diversifying IT Culture