How to build capacity and community for digital research: Startup lessons and next steps


Everyone talks about building capacity for research, but how do you actually do it? In this presentation we'll share the story of the Scholarly Innovation Lab (SIL) as a "small startup" framework for digital research services, support and community.  The SIL is our answer to meeting the needs of the newer entrants to research computing — the arts, humanities, social and information sciences — with modest resources and a vision for a bigger future. We'll share lessons learned from our successful SIL startup, and offer some best practices for scaling this model. We'll also share our latest plans to form a larger Digital Research Consortium and our recommendations on how to manage research technology growth that is sustainable and scalable.

Previous Knowledge

No previous knowledge is required for this presentation.

Software Installation Expectation

No software installation needed. We will likely connect our own (MacBook) laptop to the monitor.

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Supporting Research and Researchers