Enterprise System Integration: Save Money and Get Up-to-date Info with Graph Database


We all understand how important it is to have up to date integration information, but we want it to be easy to maintain. Each enterprise has hundreds of integrations across various systems, and it’s really hard to get all the information on whether and how they integrate with each other. Once in a while the CIO says, “I need all this information,” and a project is started to collect this data. This project team starts communicating with hundreds of people from various departments and compiles the info. Finally a poster-sized diagram gets created, and for a while it hangs on the wall, but after a month the information is already stale. It is very hard to sustain this effort to keep the up to date integration data. To keep this alive at all times, a graph database system can be created to store integration information for any systems in an enterprise. The graph system can be leveraged to hold not just entity-based information, but also information on their relationships, very similar to a social network. And as integrations evolve, the information can be updated and a nice poster-sized diagram can be created on the fly to show your CIO. Keep your integration information  accurate and save time and money!

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