Digital Signage Made Simple: Turn any screen into an eye-catching and informative billboard to tell your story and get your message out.


Television, computers and smartphones, have trained us to look at screens for information.  In response, digital signage has emerged as an effective way to tell your story and get your message out.  In addition to being cheaper and more environmentally friendly than print, it is also better at engaging audiences with dynamic and easy to update content.  

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Turn any screen into eye-catching digital signage using simple & affordable hardware. 
  • Schedule, manage and upload content at the click of a button, all from your browser. 
  • Display your latest events, school news, fundraising campaign, social media, and much more.

No advanced skills required.

Previous Knowledge

Web application developer with over 15 years experience in higher education.  Extensive hands on experience implementing digital signage solutions for various units on campus.

Software Installation Expectation

None required.

Session skill level
Session Track
Innovating IT Solutions