Breaking Bad: Breaking Down Large, Complex Processes and Implementations


Ugly, large-scale, complex business and technical processes often have two fates: 1) multiple failed attempts at revision and/or implementation, or 2) slow, prolonged death because no one dares to tackle a revision. Neither serves the users or technical teams and both are incredibly painful for campuses. In this talk you will learn tools and tips about linking process improvement projects to break down complex processes into smaller, workable projects. A pilot project for process improvement in class and space scheduling will be highlighted. Multiple Lean Six Sigma Black and Green belts were linked together and performed in succession in order to simplify and ensure success. 

Previous Knowledge

Audience members should be familiar with project management and/or Lean Six Sigma or general principles of 

Software Installation Expectation

None - presentation will use Google Slides. 

Session skill level
Session Track
Planning and Managing IT Investments