Be a Project Management Mind Reader Using Data Visualization


Managing large projects and all the tasks and resources that go along with them may seem daunting or overwhelming. But what if you could simplify the project management process but get even more successful results? What if you could put aside complex concepts like “Dependency Mapping”, “Resource Leveling”, and “Work Breakdown Structures” in lieu of a straightforward customer-focused process? 

The ITS-PRO ontology stands for Project Management, Reporting, and Optimization and is based on breaking down a project into fundamental components that represent “what is being delivered” and “how it will be delivered” in clearly-worded syntax, thus reducing confusion and project unknowns. It can be leveraged whether the project is being run in an agile, waterfall, or hybrid way. Don’t let the simplicity fool you; a mountain of valuable data is generated along the way including task estimation stats, flow of time spent on tasks, reusability of deliverable types, and how like-projects compare with each other. The data along with statistical calculations are used to visualize the state and “personality” of the project. One look at these graphical metrics paints a clear picture of the project's trajectory and makes you a Project Management mind reader. 

Previous Knowledge

This session is intended for people with a basic understanding of project management concepts, like deliverables and tasks.

Software Installation Expectation

Powerpoint: to support the presentation delivery

Web Browser: to support live demos of the visualization

Session skill level
Session Track
Planning and Managing IT Investments