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Henley Board Room

Tuesday, July 18

  • Beginner

    Starting with a Rose-Bud-Thorn activity last spring, over the last year, our campus has created an engaging goal planning project. This project includes everyone in IT working together on teams to achieve strategic goals that will move the department forward. This project was designed to promote communication and collaboration while giving everyone shared ownership in defining and achieving the goal. For this presentation, we will describe the process and then discuss outcomes and lessons learned.

  • Beginner

    At the request of the presenter, this session was not recorded. - UCTech 2019 Planning Committee

    Extending UC Health’s EHR to the Community Market

    • Define Electronic Health Record (EHR) provisioning to the community market and how that foundation helps evolve the patient care continuum
    • Discuss how UC Health is taking a proactive, integrated approach to advancing their provisioning strategies and capabilities
    • Provide insight to the program development necessary to sustain the business model (e.g., legal, compliance, risk,—

  • Advanced

    Brief: This workshop will describe steps to stand-up a centralized Project Management Office in an IS environment.  The first half of the workshop will discuss one campus’s 12-month start-up journey, including the Project Management Maturity Model framework, STARS assessment, SWOT analysis, Visioning, Planning, Staff Development, Performance Improvement, and Execution... along with the “magic” key ingredients for success. The second half of the workshop will lead individuals through a STARS profile, mini-maturity audit and readiness checklist.

    Materials: An—

Wednesday, July 19